Episode 15 (Special On-Location): A Monk Cave, a Vampire Grave, and a Witch Path

We recently trekked to the Springfield area of Massachusetts to see some seriously weird, creepy, and fascinating oddity, and recording the whole outing. That's the "Special On-Location" part. I'd tell you more, but it's kind of all in the title.

  • Photos of this road trip on OTIS.
  • A deeper dive into Witch Path.
  • GPS Coordinates for Monk Cave: 42.506533, -72.409833
  • Address of South Cemetery (Grave of Martha Dwight, the Vampire): 143 Mill Valley Rd., Belchertown, MA 
  • Address of Fairview Cemetery (Grave of Edward Bellamy): 687 Front St, Chicopee, MA
  • Witch Path address: Witch Path, Springfield, MA
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