Episode 17: She’s Also the “I” in OTIS, Part 1

For almost the entire 12 years of OTIS, there have actually been two I's in that acronym, my own and my wife's. Lindsey's never told her half of the OTIS story, though, until now. In this first part of the interview, we cover how the whole thing started (which was around the time we met each other), what our first oddities we visited together were, what oddities she is completely uncomfortable visiting, the types of oddities she loves to see, and her take on our night at Lizzie Borden's.

Also debuting today, a minisode pulled from the interview where we somehow end up arguing Halloween vs. Christmas. That minisode is going on the OTIS Club Patreon and will be open to all member levels, which means you can hear it for as little as $1.

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